Unit 3 Reflection

The most fascinating parts of “their Eyes” are the time phrases where Hurston describes Janie’s growth and how she became an independent mature woman throughout her long journey; “Janie’s first dream was dead, so she became a woman,” (24) and “The young girl was gone, but a handsome woman had taken her place.” (83) Janie was not allowed to follow her only dream of a true love because her grandmother had a different perspective on women’s happiness and safety. In fact, Janie might be a victim of a generation gap between her grandmother and her two husbands, Logan and Jody. Although they loved Janie, they did not try to understand what Janie really wanted, but they just express their love in their own way; it sometimes appears as oppression, enforcement, insulting and humiliating. It is a great pity that Jody’s feeling of inferiority over Janie damaged their marriage. All after miserable relationships with Logan and Jody, Janie might feel equality and freedom during her marriage with Tea Cake. While he was not as rich as Logan and Jody, and he even beat her to prove his power over her, Janie was satisfied with him because he enthusiastically showed his love. Sharing in all joys and sorrows together in the wild muck developed their love stronger and deeper. The loss of a loved one, Tea Cake, completely filled her empty soul and ended her journey; “So much of life in its meshes! She called in her soul to come and see.” (184)U


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