Reflection Unit 2

  1. How and why did you select the theme that you chose to explore?

I chose the theme “Dream” because it was the only thing that I could have when I was a little girl. While my parents were working hard from early mornings to late nights, my family could not get out of the pervert. I was always worrying about our financial situation since I was young and I hesitated to tell my parents what I needed for class and what I wanted to have for my hobby. I drew everything what I wanted to buy, places where I wanted to go and then I became a dreamer. I felt a strong connection with Hughes’ poem “Dreams” once I read when I was around 10 years old. It was a great supporter ever since then.

  1. What scholarly text did you find most fascinating in your research? Why?

More than any scholarly text, “Poetry Foundation” is the most fascinating text to me. It is because Langston Hughes wrote this article where he tells what he really desired. This article provides me an idea of what Hughes was irritated and frustrated about.

  1. What do you think makes someone a good online researcher? What are the complications of researching online and how do you address those challenges?

To be a good online researcher, need to know how to connect one online source to others and a skim skill will be helpful to select right sources. It was a big challenge for me to read many sources and decided useful sources for my paper. After I printed out all the sources, I found that some of them were not useful at all, and some of them say the same points in a different way. It was also an irritating process when I could not approach to a source that I thought it would be very useful for my work.

  1. What makes your project important?

Choosing a clear theme is most important. When the theme is not clear, I waste time to search wrong sources and sometimes change the theme the end of the process.


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